H.E Prof Alpha KONARE

Prof Alpha Oumar Konare, former President of Mali, served as Chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC) from 2002 to 2008.  It is during his mandate as AUC Chairperson that the first Assembly of the Economic, Social and Cultural Council  took place. Prof Konare's leadership and vision has been instrumental for the conception of ECOSOCC

Late Prof Wangari MAATHAI

Prof. Maathai was sworn in as ECOSOCC’s first president on 30 March 2005 at AU headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Dr Jinmi ADISA​

Dr. Adisa was the founding Director of CIDO and an instrumental force to the  accomplishments of the Directorate in mobilizing, engaging and institutionalizing the contributions of civil society and diaspora stakeholders in the work of the African Union over the last decade.Under his leadership CIDO developed to become one of the leading Departments of the African Union Commission with a much-improved technical and human resource capacity to carry forward its mandate of operationalizing the people-centred aspiration of the Union. 

(Retired as Director CIDO & Head of AU ECOSOCC Secretariat in January 2016)

Dr Joseph Chilengi

Former Presiding Officer, ECOSOCC

Mrs Fatma Zohra Karadja

Mrs Fatima KARADJA is Algerian citizen, graduated in clinical and social psychology, at Social Sciences Institute of Algiers University, where she taught psychology from 1972 until 1983.Besides her work in the NGO sector, Mrs Karadja is heavily involved in academic and scholarly work. She is a professor of psychology and an international consultant on psychology for conflict resolution. In addition she contributes to social science research and monitors different studies on emerging problems in the psychology of conflict. Since 1974, Mrs Karadja has directed a welcome centre for children separated from their families. The centre provides children with a home until they can be reunited with their families or, when that is not possible, until they are adopted into a family. Based on the same principle, the centre acts as a mediator in family disputes and provides support to single mothers that are facing rejection and stigmatisation from their communities.


Mrs Karadja is the President of the Association Nationale de Soutien aux Enfants en Difficulté en Institution (ANSEDI). She has created a psychological and social care unit which provides basic necessities and psychological treatment to victims of violence. The unit focuses on women, especially single mothers, by working to prepare them for their parental role. ANSEDI also facilitates training sessions for women from opposing factions to come together for sensitisation and dialogue on human rights. In cooperation with other organisations, ANSEDI is formulating a strategy to fight against social exclusion by involving at-risk populations in community activities.


Mrs KARADJA is also an international consultant for many organisations and institutions and election observer at national, regional and international levels (UMA,EISA, and African Union).She was the elected president of the National Commission on Governance for the APRM in Algeria. Actually, she’s consultant for continental APRM. She was also member of the High Committee of Audit for the African Union in 2005.She has been  Deputy Presiding officer for the African Union’s Economic, Social and Cultural Council.She is member of Human Rights National Council (Algeria) and she is member of APRM Panel of Eminents Persons.