Conception of the Logo


Ever since its conception, ECOSOCC has been using the parent ‘AU’ logo for its identity. During the stakeholder consultations undertaken while drafting the Strategic Plan & Communication Strategy; it was highlighted that there is a pressing call for ECOSOCC to have a standalone logo, like most AU organs. ECOSOCC Standing Committee directed the ad-hoc communication team to spearhead the conception of the new ECOSOCC logo. The ECOSOCC General Assembly held in Cairo (29th March 2017) approved the logo designed by Mauritian national, Mr. Vinesh Chintaram.

About the Logo

The ECOSOCC logo draws its inspiration from the parent African Union logo; it does not differ much in shape and graphical representation (e.g. the palm leaves, gold circle, and green circle, interlocking red rings).The ECOSOCC logo, however, builds upon and includes some new elements as  below: 


Key Features of the ECOSOCC Logo

  • ‘Africa Thumbprint Map’   depicting  the unique African identity

  • ‘New Colours’ ( red, blue, yellow, green, purple) representing the cultural diversity and richness of the immense African continent;

  • ‘People in Motion’  highlighting the people-centred nature of the Union and the new dynamism and renewed hopes of the African citizenry to drive its development AGENDA