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The main objectives of the AU were, inter alia, to rid  the continent of the remaining vestiges of colonization and apartheid; to  promote unity and solidarity among African States; to coordinate and intensify  cooperation for development; to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial  integrity of Member States and to promote international cooperation within the  framework of the United Nations.


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AMALKHER is a young Chadian activist for women and youth’s right. She has 7 years of experience in the civil society of Chad.

Her Competencies are in Project Management, Leadership, Sustainable development, Economy, youth development programs, Agriculture, Women’s rights, etc….

Ms. Souleymane obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Expertise from ISCAM and her Master’s in Project Management in 2014, also from ISCAM. In 2013, in an effort to further realize her dream of creating a platform that brings together African youths to share ideas and find solutions to socials problems including poverty, insecurity, and bad governance, Ms. Souleymane founded an organization Nirvana for women and youth empowerment in Africa, for which she serves as board member. Nirvana aims to empower women and youths in Africa.

From 2009 TO 2011, she represented IAVE (International association of volunteer efforts) the biggest organization that recognize worldwide volunteers activites and achievements;

In 2012 she was director of a Malaysian based company that work in Bio products network marketing, she is supervising 1600 official distributors. It was a startups bomb created more than 1000 jobs for youths.

In 2013, She co-created a collectif of associations called “COCSAD” where the vision was to build younger associations capacity on projects managements, strategic plans and fundraising etc…to date, more than 100 association were affiliated and trained.

In the end of 2013, and idea comes to create an African youth platform that brings together young people from different countries to participate in the continents development” NIRVANA organization for women and youth Empowerment in Africa”. After a meeting in Los Angeles in 2014, a group of African young participant decided to join NIRVANA and Work together.

In 2014, the oldest women organization for peace and freedom “women international league for peace and freedom created in 1915” decided to choose AMALKHER as national representant in Chad. Enjoying a UN consultative statut and after achieving historical work in women’s right, Wilpf is the strongest organization in the world regarding women peace and freedom.

In 2014, The American nonprofit Organization BRAIN BEE, decided to creat a chapter in Chad and choosed AMALKHER to be tha focal point.

IN 2015 in recognition of her good work, Ms. Souleymane was selected as one of four young people from her country to receive a 2015 Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. The program was created by President Barack Obama and operates through his Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). It supports six-weeks of academic training at a host university in the USA. Ms. Souleymane completed the Civic Leadership program at Tulane University in New Orleans before heading to Washington, DC with 499 other young African leaders to partake in a Presidential Summit with President Obama. The Summit was empowering in that it gave Ms. Souleymane and the other young leaders not only the opportunity to network, but also to hear President Obama speak about how he believed in them. His words of support and encouragement meant a lot to the group. Ms. Souleymane is one of the youngest businesswomen in Chad.

In 2017, for the First time Chad was parts of African Union ECOSOCC, Amalkher Djibrine was elected Honorable member of the ECOSOCC and the National Focal Point of Ecosocc.

Besides, she participated in many training, conferences and Forum at the National and international level.

Today, she is seen as one of the undisputed leaders of Chadian youth civil society organizations

Chadian activist for women and youth’s right


Dr. Tunji J. Asaolu is a young and youth leader that was born on 18th of September 1978 into a Christian family of Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence ASAOLU. He hails from South West Geo-Political Zone of NIGERIA. Dr. Tunji John Asaolu had his Senior Secondary School Certificate from Ifaki Grammar School, Ifaki-Ekiti in 1997, he possessed HND in Business Administration & Management from the then Ondo State Polytechnic, Owo in 2000, (currently Rufus Giwa Polytechnic). Dr. Tunji Asaolu also attended University of Abuja where he possessed B.Sc Degree in Accounting Management in 2007. He also obtained Masters Decree in the faculty of Life Management & Human Resources Development from Life Leadership University, Califonia, USA in 2009. In July 2014, Dr. Tunji obtained Honour Code Certificate in SOCIAL JUSTICE (Online Learning) from Harvard University. Dr. Tunji Asaolu is a full member of Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management; and member of West Africa Civil Society Institute; he is also a Fellow Director of Institute of Diplomacy and International Relations.

Chair Social Affairs & Health

Dr Tunji J.Asaolu

Eng. Abdurrahman  got his education in Libya where he gets Bachelor in Agricultural Engineering in 1982 from Al Fatah -Tripoli University –in 1982 and in 2009 he obtained his Master studies in Maritime Economics Management with ITTMA Institute of Transport and Maritime Management- University of Antwerp,Belgium.  Mokhtar is a passionate leader with a solid communication skills and a long track record of successfully corporation management and non-governmental organization activities.Educated enough to deal with any day to day problems under a pressure of many difficult working tasks in very good manner, with extensive knowledge of all current political, economic, social and regulatory issues An inspiring and very motivational and organized team leader with good rate interpersonal skills and the ability to handle many working issues, am passion to develop the vision of any project linked to our objectives with high performance for sustainability and maximizing productivity. Always  targeting  to work with grass root  organizations. Mokhtar has contributed  in the implementation of MDGs goals from 2000 till 2015 in Libya and currently  working on implementing the   SDGs and  AU Agenda 2063.

Chair Human Resources, Science & Technology

Eng. Abdurrahman Ahmed Mokhtar

Professor El Hacene Abdallah Mbareck is the head of cooperation of the Mauritanian Human Rights Commission , and so member of the Sub-committee on accreditation of the Global alliance of the National human rights commissions of the United nations Human Rights Council ( Geneva).He is also the President of the Mauritanian Association for Human rights Promotion, NGO in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and social Council.It has also the Observer status in the African Commission on Human and people's rights.In addition Mr Abdallah is a University teacher of Linguistics and anthropology, graduated from gaston Berger University in Senegal.He is member of the General Assembly of the Economic , social and cultural council of the African union since 2014. 

Chair Women & Gender

Prof El Hacene Abdallah Mbareck


Chair Trade & Industry

Mr Godfrey Selematsale


Chair Economic Affairs

Pastor Rebeirah


Chair Peace & Security

Mr Eugene Ngalim


Chair Cross Cutting

Dr Serge Michel Kodom

Dr Chintaram has been actively involved in community development, philanthropy and environmental advocacy for almost two decades. He is the founder of reputed NGOs like Association Civique Midlands (ACM) and ANPRAS. He has been further been engaged in civil society entities at international level namely at TASAM (Turkey) and the ECOSOCC of the Africa Union. In 2008, he was acclaimed as The Most Outstanding Young Person (TOYP) of the Republic of Mauritius. He is the focal point for the Earth Day Network and Earth Hour Global in Mauritius and the Patron of the Earth Mauritius platform. Raj is a Gold-Medalist in management and has pioneered research in the field of cultural & heritage tourism in Mauritius. He is a resource person in the field of sustainability and tourism and has been delivering guest lectures in many important fora, especially on the 78th Peace- Boat Voyage. In February 2015, Dr Chintaram was elected as Chairperson for the sectoral cluster commission on Infrastructure & Energy at the African Union ECOSOCC

Chair Infrastructure & Energy

Dr Gowtam Raj Chintaram

Mr Abozer Alama was appointed  Ag Chair Political Affairs in January 2017 and elected at the same post in March 2017.

Chair Political Affairs

Abozer Almana